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Yeah, I hit 75 k today. All chapters up to 17 ready for alpha readers, 12 chapters left to edit. And I am celebrating. I fixed the problem chapter by changing the entire book. I figured part of the issue was I had a “TSTL” moment in the story. Solution? Get rid of the TSTL which creates a new thread for the book from chapter 11 on. Fortunately for me at this point, only 2 people know that they missed the TSTL bus, and as they try to Live, the rest of the cast of characters continue on. Oh the joys of changing plot lines mid stream!
For those who do not know, TSTL= To Stupid To Live. See Darwinism in practice.
One of the things I do when I write is listen to music.
The playlist for this book has gradually narrowed to a few songs. I find that the music keeps me writing without getting bored, and I know that I have been doing well when I write without noticing that the music has stopped.
For Entering the System : Pearl Jam has two songs, The Who one, Lorde got two, but for the majority of the playlist the music is current (past 3 years) alternative music one song per artist.
What songs do you enjoy listening to?

originally posted : 02/16/2014