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My goal for today and tomorrow is 80k. I thought I would reach it writing the end to chapter 20 since It was a major rewrite. An entire new interaction planned, since I stopped the TSTL thread. But I forgot to plan on the massive CUT that meant to what was already written. So instead of 5500 wd chapter, it is still 4,500 words, since I basically replaced everyword I had written and did not include the fight scene that would be basic filler at this point.

Oh well.

So good news. Chapter 20 is officially the end of the dreaded MIDDLE PART of the Book. I always heard authors talk about the middle being the hardest. and they are right. Beginnings mean introductions, and setting up the plot and all that groovy stuff. (basically lots of words). Endings is wrapping everything up. The bad guys get it, the good guys cheer etc, etc, and yeah if you believe it is that simple in my stuff, guess again. But still its alot of words and fairly decided by the book. But the middle is not easy. You actually have to put in stuff to get from point A to point B. And that is not as easy as it seems. I had a false start, (see too stupid to live plot device) but after I rid myself of that, the middle still was basically the good guys standing around looking at their thumbs wondering “What do I do now George”
Fortunately Ster’n took over the middle of the book. I will have to include more Cliff, but Ster’n had big adventures in the middle. So yeah Ster’n. He is my hero at this point.

Originally posted :02/21/2014