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It was a good day writing, I hit 70K a little while ago. So I am back doing a little happy dance while my brain rests,
What else can I say? I have Royals by Lorde on repeat for writing. Which reminds me. I have been reading a really interesting non-fiction book this week. Princesses Behaving Badly: Real Stories from History Without the Fairy-Tale Endings by Linda Rodrigez McRobbie. What I am enjoying is how she organizes her stories. 1. she gives you the ‘fiction’ or as she calls it “the myth”, then she gives what she has pieced together using primary sources when she can. 2 Her “Princesses” are not limited to Western Culture, or European. She writes about women who were leaders or tied to leadership from around the world. 3. The title is slightly misleading, and a marketing ploy, she is not writing about the ‘cute princess” but about women. Warrior women, Brilliant Women, Dangerous Women, Crazy Women, all who share in some way the label “Royal” ((see there is the tie back to Lorde)) I enjoy reading various things, or more honestly Listening to since I am an audiobook addict. And one of the things I have really enjoyed over the past 3 years is once again reading non-fiction. I love reading novels. And absolutely adore authors who write intricate series. But non-fiction provides a different understanding, and works a different part of my brain than fiction does. So I recommend for everyone to read at least ONE non-fiction book a year.

Well that is it for today..Next major Goal 75 K or finishing the 2/3rd mark. This may sound easier than it is. There is one issue. I have an intricate relationship that drastically changed in chapter 10. Now I am at Chapter 16 and that relationship, and the changes to the personalities have to be explored. And I don’t know what these two MAIN characters are thinking. Not fully and I have to force them to discuss it…((really I am not crazy, just a writer))

Original publication date :02/07/2014