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Okay, the past 2 days has been frustrating. Why? Because I have hit ‘that chapter”. Let me tell you about that chapter,
That chapter is the chapter that gives a deep insight into two characters mental states. That chapter is the chapter that makes the entirety of the book work, if it is written correctly. That chapter is the chapter that will determine how the characters voices change after a defining event in their lives. Basically THAT CHAPTER has to be written before anything else can be. I can not ignore THAT CHAPTER because it determines so much with the flow of the rest of the edit. I added That Chapter because it was needed. I know it was needed, I know what happens in it, I even know what one character will say, and some wonderful thoughts from that character.
And what I write for that character is as close to the TRUTH of the character as a News report is to the Truth about a politician or an actress. I can not seem to find the VOICE, the TRUTH of the character. I keep coming up with a shadow of a person, one dimensional, and not fleshed out. And that is unacceptable.
So that is where I am at, part of this is in that characters POV, and …they are not talking.

On a side note at 71,505 K. But that may all disappear if I don’t get That chapter written.

originally posted : 02/09/2014