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First great news from my perspective Chapter 23 is almost done. YEAH. Now this was after my realization yesterday that chapter 22 was really chapter 21 because otherwise the time line was completely fked. So yeah. The only remaining rewrite (and chapter 23 is a total rewrite as the new version has people not where they were when the initial chapter 23 happened).

And that is a problem, that whole people are not where they were when the initial chapter 23 happened. See in the initial story the trio basically ran around doing things on their own. With the blessing of one other who really had no place to be giving anyone a blessing. That all changed. Now they are not a “Scooby Gang” but actually working under orders. And that causes problems. Some problems were already there, but now there are other problems. See some where Group X has to discover Y. In the original tale, the Too stupid to live tale, Group X discovered Y because there were people too stupid to live. I fixed that. They are not stupid any more. So I still need some PROOF revealing Y to group X.

Why? Because it has to happen….this is the big thing for this section of the book. There is a beautiful chapter written, It is poignant and really makes you sympathetic to a character that no one should feel any sympathy towards.
So I am missing a scene. something that reveals this to group X.
There are other missing scenes. And ALL OF THEM revolve around that one scene. See group X has to go to group P to get permission to take care fo the Y problem. And I have to have person G negotiate to get the Y problem off planet before anyone finds out, and I really really need that missing scene.

It makes me see how brilliant my long dead not really co-writer was when he initially plotted his versions of this tale. He also dealt with Y, but only had to reveal it to the audience, not the actual people in the story.
EDITED TO INCLUDE THIS…Word count…as of 2/24 82 k heading into 83…And solution for missing scenes? An entire new chapter 24. So New chapter 24, total rewrite of the rest of the book except chapter 29-30. So…..yeah lots more to be done. But maybe the problem of the missing scenes will be taken care of in chapter 24. Hopefully!

Originally posted :02/24/2014