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For those who are just joining us at mltomlin.wordpress.com this blog was hosted on comcast initially. I moved it here because I want the portability should I change internet providers. And I like the layout better. So welcome, and to catch you guys up, I went ahead and moved the nine prior posts.

The news today differs only slightly from the last post. I am still battling the three scenes that must happen.  But they are not happening. I have one solution, to “The scene” (and I believe that once that scene happens the other two will flow quickly) but that solution is expected, predictable, easy. And I would rather have a really interesting solution. For my readers enjoyment, and because being predictable unless its done well is…boring.

This novel does not suffer from predictability, I would hate for it to start now.

On the other hand, my solution to not being able to solve and write “The Scene” (if it is not written soon it will get Bold, Cap, and Italicized as it grows in horror in my mind) is to do other things while my brain runs sub-programs to solve the issue. My visualization for problems like this, for inspiration, for the muse to strike, is that I set the problem aside, and as I do other things my subconscious runs scenarios until I have an “Ah ha” moment. It really is not an ‘Ah ha” instantaneous moment, but rather the moment when my brains sub-coding supplies a possible answer for the problem. Sometimes it does not work. But that provides more data for the sub conscious to work with. Eventually I will go ‘Oh I figured it out.” but it is not “the Egocentric” part of my brain that did it. Rather the answer comes from the Id, the primal brain, the primitive, inventive part that does not think with limitations. That is where I believe the really good ideas come from. What the conscious brain is good at is the work. The grammar, the editing, the physical act of writing, so it is important. But none of it happens if you don’t allow the dreamer to ..Dream.

So while my brain is dreaming, I am editing. I am searching for passively written sentences and seeing if they need rewriting (at this point I think the whole book will be rewritten multiple times before it is done), I moved the blog, I am cleaning house, I am doing the things that you can not do if you creating.  Word count is ranging between 81.7 k and 82.4 k depending on the edit I am doing. But the trick is ..I have not stopped work on the novel, I have simply shifted focus until the aha moment hits.

Mary Robinette Kowal said on the “Writing excuses” podcast that sometimes you fall back on skill, for those moments when the muse fails you. I don’t know if I have the skill yet but perhaps doing the work I am gaining it. One sentence at a time.