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I am the worlds worst procrastinator. I admit it. But I have found that with writing I have a new found respect for GOALS. At least with regards to chapter and word counts. I set a goal for two things today. I thought that they would both be resolved together. 1. I would finish chapter 21. 2. I would reach 80 k words. I thought yeah, chapter 21 should require that many words to be resolved. Then I went and actually wrote the chapter. Note I said wrote, this was a basic full out rewrite as a majority of the chapter had to be scrapped due to various earlier interactions changing characters interactions in this chapter. So I rewrote chapter 21. And it did not need as great a length of words to work. Instead it is a tight chapter. One that uses a dual POV to really drive some issues home. And of all the chapters it is one of my favorites. I feel two characters who might have been regarded as stereotypical, developed even more depth than they had prior to this chapter. But after the chapter was written I was left with a problem.

Chapter 21 was done, and I was at 79,600 words. And I had 5 hrs to make 80k.

I could have went ahead and worked on Chapter 22. But Chapter 22 has a word count goal of its own. So I would end up cheating the book. So I began going through older scenes. Was there a scene were I really was ‘telling’ vs “showing’? ((yes, and there will be when the story is fully written. There is a time and a place to tell vs show, just not that often.) But what of that sentence there, I can show that rather than telling. So for 2 hrs I went searching for those sentences that were weak, or passive, or needed stronger verbs. Long story made short, its 2 hrs later and I am at 80K.

I wish I could say its because I have great writing ability or something like that. But basically I just made a promise to myself. Chapter 21 and 80 k. And I kept it.

Originally posted :02/22/2014