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Hello and welcome to my crazy world. I am a writer, a dreamer, and a philospher. I recently began writing my first novel and decided to add this blog to help promote my writing. Now I think this may be a mistake. You will have to help me judge. See my writing takes editing before I let it go out into the world. Blogging I think of more as off the cuff remarks. Which leads me in a quandry, do I not blog since I don’t want to edit, or do I simply let the words fly out there unedited, like a bad hair day? For the time being I am letting them just be: my literary poodle perm, for all the world to see. 

Now about the Novel: Right now the novel is at 68k words. My goal is 85k words minimal. The novel itself has been written. I wrote the entire structure of the novel during Nanowrimo. Chapters 1-30 were written then. Now I am fleshing those chapters out into a “real book” length vs Novella length.

How is this happening? 1. I tended to tell my story during Nanowrimo vs Show it. So as I transform “John got tired when he ran down the road, ” to “The hot asphalt clung to his feet with every step, weighing his steps down more than his fatique. The summer heat brewed a sweat to drip stinging into his eyes while a jagged pain pierced his side. But John refused to stop running.”  see Showing= more words ((and grabs that example sentence to maybe write more about later)) 2. I am writing science fiction or at least my world building relies on futuristic science to exist. So as I write I also research. As I research I discover that the nifty idea I had, actually has a foundation in physics. So I can expand my writing by playing off the real life science and imagining where it would be a thousand years from now. And finally 3. Editing means expanding simple ideas into more complex ones for myself. ((see the show vs tell example))

Why a Novel vs a Novella? Well partially it is a recognition of my strengths and weaknesses. See I think a perfectly told short story or novella is a thing of beauty. Bujolds “Borders of Infinity” remains one of my favorite stories. But so does Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour.  Bujold’s novella is 55k words, and Chopin’s story is a perhaps 1k. yet each are perfectly written. The beauty of a short story is the perfection of the chosen word. Gaiman does it. I do not have that skill yet. I hope that this summer I can work on that, and give you a treat.

The current novel is set in the year 3047. This summer I want to write a short story set in the same universe only in the year 2520. This will rely on two things happening by July. 1. my finishing the edits due at the end of March, and getting the revisions the alpha readers find done by the end of June, so the novel will be at the Beta readers for that month.

I don’t know how often I will update here. I hope to keep readers informed on big goals being reached. Today I finished editing the first 15 chapters of the novel. ((thats half way)) The next goal will most likely be when I reach 70 K words Or 75. Which should mark the finish of the first 2/3rds of editing.

Here is a little cover I created as my inspiration…entering the system new cover nanowrimo

cause every writer should dream of having a cover!

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I will try and keep it lighthearted.

Original publication date: 02/06/2014