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For me my friends are my cheering section. They understand when I break away from a skype conversation to read aloud a paragraph, then a sentence within that paragraph, then the edited version of that sentence, then the re-edited version of that sentence, before returning to the conversation. They understand when I say “I can’t talk, I am writing, and having 4 fictional conversations in my head, I can’t handle a real one right now.”

Today I got to give back to a friend. I had tried to get her to write back when I started scribbling myself because I knew she had a lovely way with words. ((Actually I have a wonderfully creative community of friends, many of whom should be writing. Their books would be fantastic to read.)) But she always said “I can’t write”. Through her hearing what I do when I write, the editing, re-editing, re-re-re-editing…ad nauseum, that makes up my day, and the fact that the process is going quicker than *I* thought, she realized and told me today. “I think I can write. I always imagined that writers simply wrote the whole book in one sitting. And Editing meant ‘punctuation and spelling errors” only.” So her sharing the trials and tribulations, her being a great friend and tolerating my random blurts into ‘the novel” possibly gets her to write. To which all I can say is “YEAH, I want to read it, Need an alpha reader? Let me know.”

Original publication date :02/09/2014