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I gave up. I threw up my hands and said, “Okay, I will do the route I did not want to do. Because otherwise I would have to reinstate TSTL” And I began to write, but as I wrote I began to realize that even with the ‘giving up’ I had not solved my problems. Then I began to see the wisdom in my ‘giving up’.

The situation is thus, Situation X exists but can not be proven. So I had Situation Y happen. Now not wanting to be a complete dunce I did not have the participants of Situation Y  ‘confess’ but allude to Situation X in a very covert manner. So Situation X still exists without absolute proof, and I can not get rid of the participants easily. Then that moment of “Ohhhhhhh” occurred. This is not Earth 2014, It is not even the US of A at any time. This is a planet where ‘civil liberties’ are …well lets just say, if you don’t own a company its nice being a serf.  Serfs don’t have civil liberties: Corporations do. So I can use this chapter to educate the reader on the difference between this planet and the one we live in. (BTW if anyone tries to read into this any political message, let me point out that its FICTION. More importantly its FICTION based loosely off a 500 yr old play set 1000 years from now, on a colonized planet NOT EARTH. Don’t try to assign anything to my characters, other than nothing is how it appears and everyone has flaws and perfections built in.)

So here I am, with chapter 24 started, with a bang. Word count low because I finished going after passive voiced sentences with a strong red pen. (or a twitchy delete key). But I am up to 82,102 words and just beginning. I think by the time this chapter is over I will be at 85k. And then its 6 chapters of clear sailing. And hopefully by the ides of March this will go off to the alpha readers!

Here is a link to a very cool article about learning literary terms by seeing how Taylor Swift songs use them.