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It has been a trying few days. Overall my editing process so far had been relatively easy. Sure I had to add an additional 40k to my initial rough draft but that was expected. Sure I had a major plot change 1/3rd the way through the rewrite. But then I came to the chapter that would not be written. I knew I did not want the easy way. I did not want the way that was ‘standard”, why include a trope that may not be the best way? Why not try for inventive solutions?

And I did give in on one scene, I agreed that the trope actually could give some insight to the situation. That took care of ONE scene of the chapter. I have since found that there are 5 scenes to make the whole chapter work. Those scenes are slowly being written. Mainly because I am trying to use ‘craft’ to write, since inspiration has left the building. I know I will edit and edit and edit the chapter. But in the end I need at least some roughed out form of the chapter before I can finish editing the rest of the novel.

So far chapter 24 has taken longer to write than any other single chapter.  So far I have slowly pieced it together scene by scene. Of these scenes I think 1 is a keeper, the rest well closer editing will take care of that.

Basically I am at 83.6 k and I see another 1k in this chapter alone. Hopefully the last 6 chapters won’t require as much editing though with the major change in plot I don’t see how to avoid it.

Writing is about not giving up. I have not said so far there is nothing to write. If I am hitting a stone wall with the scene I sketch it out in a basic outline. Sometimes that triggers an image of how I imagine a scene will go. And I write that. I may have to toss that later, but I DID SOMETHING.

If that does not work I pick an editing goal. Searching for passive voiced sentences…or looking for alien words that I have introduced and making sure their usage remains consistent.  ((As I worked on the actual language of my ‘Alien’ species, I created spelling and grammar rules along with their planet wide philosophy/religion. All of which has to be double checked and triple checked as it evolved during the writing process.))

So that is what I have been up to for the past 4 days. What have YOU been doing?