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Chapter 24 has been written. There is still room for improvement but it is written.

What Chapter 24 taught me. It taught me to keep working at it. It taught me that sometimes just writing opens up new insights. Two of the scenes did not go as I thought they would, but they were better than I had planned PLOT wise.  I know that there will be major editing within the chapter since I did just write it, but I like the direction it took the story as a whole.

But that will be later. 2K NEW words tonight total and I am celebrating. In my head I knew that 85 k was a “real’ book. Silly really but I had that word count goal. Now I have that achieved in this rough draft.  Now just to rewrite the last 6 chapters of the novel.

The wonderful thing is that those rewrites I don’t fear. I laid out the path to those events in this chapter. The chapter as a whole was Cliff/Pau/Jon/Artur Centric. So lots of voices that had not been strongly featured.

((Edited to say Chapter 25 alpha Edit done..on to 26))

Music both dedicated to Artur and Marijan : Pearl Jam:  Pendulum,

And Imagine Dragons “Demons”