Well its a busy week this week. Writing took a back seat to other things, and that was bad of me. But it allowed me to approach the last two chapters with clear vision. I know the book may increase in length, but I ended up CUTTING drastic amounts of these chapters.  A 6 thousand word chapter is now 3 thousand. But the tighter style makes the chapter more dynamic.  The scenes have a drive to them, that I hope energizes the ending for the reader.

On the other hand, I also began to think constructively about books. I realized that some of my favorite authors repeat things. And I realized my reaction as a reader. “Yeah, bla, blah, blah…on with the story already.” That made me think of “Have I said this before..is there import to the reactions of the characters…Does it need to be here?” That really inspired heavy cuts. And I think it freed up space for more Showing other things.

So what pet peeve do you have when you read? Repetition? Easily solved Murders? Too Stupid to Live Characters?