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That is how I feel right now. The last two chapters have been a royal hell to edit. I ended up cutting…then cutting more. No attempt made to save words that I had loved because they no longer served the story. Sorry great phrase that made me giggle with pride when I wrote you. Farewell metaphor that made me sniffle. You were replaced by cold dry words, that suited this version of the end of the story. But in the end I do think the story is better.

So I have one (possibly two) transition scenes to go in the whole book. These are new scenes written to replace ones that simply do not fit the current story line. Total cuts this past week over 8 K. And there really is no place to make them up. I will give the chapters a final read through. To make sure the story flows, to help me figure out the scene that needs to transition between point a and point b, the afternoon scene between morning and night…but I don’t think I will find more words except in that scene. That scene that will be short, and simple. Well, 84 K words will have to suffice for alpha edits. The story is done, other than editing for grammar, and more showing vs telling, the content is finalized. Unless some story fairy shows up with the Salinger’s ghost to do a hard edit, I will put this edit to bed at that point.

It’s been a wild ride and above all things I am happy I took it. I plan on taking some time off while the alpha readers read. Spring Cleaning, cleaning out the yard, visiting my parents, and not writing, not editing. Perhaps I will reread the books that I half way read earlier this year because I could not enjoy them knowing I needed to be editing. So once these scenes are done, you will get posts about the dog, authors I enjoy, and the waiting for the alpha edits. (Once they read it …it will be real. Like Pinocchio it will have self-hood beyond my control in their imaginations. And from their feed back it will grow and mature.)

Music …. One of the songs that became Marijan/Artur’s theme songs.