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Yesterday I sent my baby off to the readers. During a conversation with one of those readers, I was asked. “When do you want the feedback forms? Do you want us to collect them? Send them back in one large file, or do you want them in bits and drabs? ”

I responded with the exuberance of one who had finally finished the bloody book enough to send off to any reader…”All at once will be fine…I figure a month will give you guys enough time…”


This morning one thought is going through my head. Did they like it? Were they bored? Confused? Tired? Hated it? My mental dialog sounding like Miles Vorkosigain on Fast Penta..

I want to know not what needs to be changed. but their initial feelings…NOW. Do they think there is nothing there original? Do they hate it? (Notice I keep coming back to that.) Basically I write because I wanted to tell THIS series of stories. But I wanted to share them, I wanted people to find enjoyment in them.

What if I failed?

That is what the morning after feedback really is about. Fear of Failure. I can correct grammar, sentence structure. But what if, no one likes the story?

That is Failure and I don’t like that.

Oh well. Deep breath and letting the universe have all those doubts.