I took two days and went on a small vacation from home. Visited the parents, showed my mother how to use a E-reader, and how to create a CD from Itunes. All in all a wonderful time and a relaxing one where I focused on family and chilling. I came home and the alpha feedback is trickling in. I am not looking at them in depth mainly because I want to wait till all of them have reported back. To let the book stand on its own. I am also just chilling.

Bad news of last week->Cheap office chair broke

Good news of this week ->office chairs (good ones) on sale (50 pct off) at Office store

Plans for the day, shopping at Office Store! I see a comfortable office chair in my future.

Other than that…catching up on reading, doing some preplanning for the shortstory I think I will try and write during april Camp Nano, getting the oil in the car changed, and getting my tags.

So I will check back later.