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My alpha readers have been gentle. No one called me asking, “What I had tricked them into reading?” followed up by the exclamation that “our friendship is at an end!”  For this I am grateful. That does not mean they are being too gentle with critiques. While the story is solid (yeah), the novel as a whole will require some careful editing for grammar and sentence flow. One reader marks when “the magic is there’ and another simply says “You have some really good writing. When X is happening”. What seems to be a key point in my writing is when I go from a POV of one character to a narrative (removed) POV. Apparently I don’t write the omnipotent removed pov well. However, I was able to pull off having multiple ‘character’ voices with the POV changing between scenes. So YEAH. But that is early feedback. still lot more novel for them to read.

Other news…It snowed this morning?!? What? It is almost April. My framily is having interesting experiences. One is dealing with “chicken” drama (mix husbands wanting to go back to nature, chicks on sale, and basic urban dwellers..and yeah long stories) and others are dealing with kids graduating high school or potty training or college in a few months. I personally am glad to keep my dramas firmly situated in the fictional category! Or at least in the dog is afraid of rain and so must bark at the first drop.