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Still receiving some verbal feedback from various Alpha readers, most of the news expected, some not so much.  Some people are focusing on grammar, which really is not as important as knowing “Does the story work?” but I am collecting that feedback for use when the grammar part of the edit becomes important. One issue that rose dealt with conflicting feelings regarding ‘information”. I struggle not to info dump, to show vs telling. Some of my alpha readers have requested info dumps. I am considering a glossary for those who want the break down of time on the distant planet and events. I had assumed that these facts would be accepted with minimal Handwavium. ((For a full explanation of this term listen to Writing Excuses http://www.writingexcuses.com/2014/02/23/writing-excuses-9-8-when-is-your-handwavium-good-enough/ ) Apparently I was wrong. Lucky for me I have every day, plotted out along with a list of definitions of “new words” used in the novel.  I tend not to use or like Glossaries in novels, but I prefer them to nasty info dumps.  Oh well. Still I am feeling ‘overwhelmed’ by the amount of editing still left to do. Good news: I am hearing good feedback, and as a whole the novel is holding up though at least one alpha reader wants a larger rewrite than I do. But it may be simple rewording.

I will be putting out some book reviews later in the week after I get through reading the 2 books sent to me this weekend.

How has your weekend been..And happy April fools!