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I have many random topics to discuss today! I have a small chat about favorite characters. Then I move on to current science knowledge and how nice to be rewarded by “real scientists”, finally I question my own timing in the novel. Also I am getting writers antz…That point in waiting for feedback where you begin to just start working on the rewrites…(note I turned the book over so I had some more input about the needs of the novel).

So one by one.

Favorite characters for myself are those that break out. Those we want to read more about. Some series have many ‘favorites’, but in my experience, there is ONE that stands out. Lois McMaster Bujold writes the Vorkosiagan Saga, and she has said that for herself the books are about Aral Vorkosiagan, but for many readers the series focuses on Miles, his son. Miles is that stand out character. I read a romance series that featured Navy SEALs. The whole series featured “alpha’ characters, but one stood out. He was the man who spoke the truth in the most non-politically correct manner. He also sang to babies, charmed older women, and fell in love the first time he saw the woman of his dreams. That character took over the series, gaining his own fan club. He was a star.

Now why is that important to myself? It is because I think I have a favorite character in my novel. I wrote this novel without any ‘stars” because I wanted to set up the world, and the group first. I actually wanted one of the other characters to be a stand out…instead there is Ster’n. Ster’n has more personality, more thereness, than any other character. And from the early feedback the readers pick up on this. I am overjoyed that he has emerged, he saved some chapters from being impossible to write. His story flowed. The villains also flow. The other main characters not so much…(this is why we rewrite/edit). I could cut some of the Stern parts…but instead I think I want to increase the impact of the other characters. Someone told me “It’s not having problems. All novels have problems. The trick is seeing them and figuring out solutions to those problems.” I think this time away from the novel is allowing me to think of solutions.

Second point. Real science and Timing: I wrote this novel with an eye towards actual science happening right now. 1. space travel (what is needed, what are the costs energy wise, how are those overcome) 2. When will all this be logically there.

I enjoy some futuristic science books, but the ones I love deal with events that will never happen in the time allowed, (Off planet colonies on multiple solar systems in 30 years…NOT HAPPENING). As a writer I don’t want to fall into that trap. So I set the whole of my story starting 500 years from now, and the actual story happening 1000 years from now. Then I began to get hooked into current science experimentation not to mention the theoretical possibilities. And I began to question that time line in the other direction. Perhaps I will shorten the time span from 1 k years, (Moving from the invasion of William I to the reign of Elizabeth I in timing.) The question remains where will society expand their knowledge in the next 500 years?

I want the alpha readers to be DONE..done…done…I want to start edits!