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I took a month off. A full month where I did not look at the novel (well not really). Today I gave myself permission to start the next round of edits…I have some feed back from Alpha readers and I have an itch to write. ((READ I AM JONES-ING TO GET BACK AT IT)) BTW The writing is now officially a NOVEL. Why? because it no longer exists only in my head. Others have read it from start to finish. Others know of the world I created. Others see the structure of that world in their imagination. I transferred ideas from my brain to theirs via the written word in a form longer than 60,000 words. I made a NOVEL. And all my friends and supporters helped!

Plans for the week:

Today MOW, weed eat, hard house cleaning…and then

drum roll

I will be free to begin a total rewrite of chapter one. Oh? You thought it was going to be painless..errr….no. The majority of the feed back is that the novel has a good structure but there are some major issues with character development. One way to solve this problem is to give certain characters more of a voice, early on.

((I thank one of my alpha readers for being blunt about how she never liked the character until chapter 20 because “You never let us meet him really until then”. So he will now be the pov for 1/2 of chapter One. The other half will be from a second character suffering from the same lack of internal exposure to the reader.))

I am giving myself this week to get chapter one and possibly chapter 2 rewritten, grammar checked and polished for beta readers. Because I am returning to the writing rounds that means I should also start posting more updates to the Blog. Because well it gives me a place to rant and grouse about writing. Also I plan on having a review of another non fiction book up by the end of the week. So that is what is going on in my world. How about yours?