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I spent yesterday, (and hopefully today) on the phone /skype with alpha readers. I read the revised version of the original first chapter (which now is 40 pages long and makes up 3 chapters) and got real time feedback. This was the right time and the right version to do this with. Just reading the chapter(s) to someone reading along caught some things. It seems I would automatically edit to make the grammar correct, and never note that I had not written it like that. I simply saw the correct version (Grammar blindness?). So some sentence structure changed, and some grammar, and wording. Over all the book gets stronger with each revision.

The main revision for the plotting points of the book consisted of changing 2 pov’s. By moving two chapters from 3rd person omni to a single character POV the chapters gained a fluidity of language, a natural flow. (this from the alpha readers who stated “It reads better.” I also discovered that I have a dislike of the phrase “he said/she said” so I tend to bend over backwards to avoid it.

So that is what is going on…40 pages ready, and 300 left to go..I plan on trying to get 60 more done this week. So by the end of May ….hopefully the beta readers will have packages in the mail or on their doorsteps.