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I love finding new music and a friend recommended Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness….and I had to have it. Thank you.

On a different note I am so glad to get my feedback from the alpha readers. So far the novel is growing and morphing before my eyes. By changing the POV of 3 scenes the whole first section of the novel gained a intimacy and allowed me to introduce the protagonists and antagonists with having a “THIS IS THE BAD GUY/GOOD GUY” reveal. Why is that important to me?

One goal I have with this novel revolves around the journey of the reader. I don’t want there to be a villain as much as characters transforming before their eyes through experience. I want the story to be more about choice and decision than pointing out the internal lack in any one person. I think by placing the story OUTSIDE our culture this allows a reflection on the core issues to emerge.

But I am just the author what do I know?