Recently a major restaurant chain made a decision after they were used as a photo op by two “NRA” supporters. They decided that for the comfort of their customers they would NOT allow guns into their restaurant. The organization thought about this. It was their decision to make. It is their private property. And the response was “WELL I HOPE THEY DON’T MIND BEING ROBBED”

Excuse me I must stop and take a deep breath now.  WHAT UNIVERSE DO YOU LIVE IN?  Okay, Its Okay I have it under control.

1. I am from the SOUTH.  2. I grew up with Guns. 3. I grew up with a respect for guns. We lived far enough from the police that we all knew how to shoot if we were broken in on.  4. Did I mention I grew up in the South? 5. I know how IDIOTS operate. They go and have a drink, and have a gun, and think awwww I am fine…and you hear “You think I can?”  and you might as well plan on going to the hospital. 6. Then there is the anger issues. You have people who think “guns’ give them power. So they have this they USE IT…So when the IDIOT with the LOADED GUN…has a disagreement about his bill, he shoots someone..cause he has power..or he threatens someone…cause he has power…

We can’t stop idiots from getting guns.  Can’t do it.  But Businesses can say “No, you can not bring your weapon of death into our establishment”.  Guns have one purpose. To KILL. To think anything else is to be an idiot.

If you own a gun, you got it to KILL. Maybe under specific surroundings (Hunting, Protection). But the one lesson I learned FROM A POLICE OFFICER years ago. YOU SHOOT TO KILL. Don’t imagine otherwise. Center mass is a killing shot. You are not some wild west trick shooter.

I will Eat at the Restaurants that said “Guns are not welcome here’.  I won’t at any place that welcomes them.