Okay, there are men out there who think they have the “right’ to have sex with any woman they want.  (I am pointing this at men, but ladies…you also don’t have these rights)

No. They don’t.

Well maybe they just have the right to have sex with sexy women, you know women deserving of their attention.

No. They don’t.

Well they have the right to have sex with someone…

No. they don’t.

They have the right to dream and have long dates with their hand. That is it.

They don’t have the ‘right’ to kill people because they can’t get a date.

They don’t have the right to women…period because…Women are not objects.

To think you have the right to any relationship is …stupid.

Relationships are built. Healthy relationships are built on communication and respect from both partners. But even unhealthy relationships are built. This guy failed even the UNHEALTHY relationship meter. And anyone who thinks he was some sort of hero…You need professional help. Go to a police station now, let them know that you have an unhealthy admiration of a mass murderer and need to be locked up for the public good until you can be committed to a lock down unit at the nearest psychological hospital. Because that opinion is unhealthy and you need professional help.