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Welcome to Raek-qo. For all who are still reading, here is an opening snippet from Entering The System (working title).



Located a few kilometers from corporate headquarters, Exergym #14 perfectly matched other exergyms created expressly for Sleekit employees. Moving together as if following an internal herd response, clusters of humans shuffled through the doorway into a room where gleaming complex machinery resembling ancient torture devices lined the walls. A similarity furthered by the moans and groans of the Humans already wrapped in their coils. Resting between his own bouts with the machines, a lanky Earthling propped his hip against a raised bench while he studied the examples of extra-terrestrial humanity around him. Though not fully “Human”, the majority attempted to be as Earthling as possible. Such as flocking to the exergyms, as though they had to battle the first of the three truths of Raek-qo. Though Raek-qo’s gravity would not kill anyone, rather it was the gravity of Earth that would prove deadly should any of them attempt the return to the higher gravitational forces. Most humans who chose space exploration as their livelihood exchanged the extreme workouts for a simple DNA modification. Irreversible for themselves and their prodigy the MarcPol treatments allowed for life on the lower gravitational planets such as Raek-qo or Mars with only moderate physical exertion. Not an option for any of The Eight Families like himself though. No, Cliff Rosen would be trapped exercising for hours each day just to be able to return to Earth without a Gravsuit. But he had planned on that, choosing to study astrobiology and becoming a glorified gym coach for Sleekit. Still everyone came to the exergyms, to blend in. Making them, if one planned carefully, the perfect spot for a seemingly casual encounter. To this end he studied the sweltering humans before heading over to a series of grav-increase machines.

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