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Due to illness I was away for a bit. BUT I am back. And I have nothing to report…other than Another major edit to the novel…Still tightening the words, trying to make it accessible to readers who don’t live in my brain. Other than that, I have a few ‘catch up” items. 1. Books, what are you looking forward to this year? I have so many…So many of my favorite authors have fall releases. And others are releasing novels this fall to begin a new series or end an old one. (October 28th HAS 3 releases from authors I love…there is a Patrick Rothfuss shortstory…my question is will that be the length of a normal novel…set in the Kingkiller World. AND Ilona Andrews AND Nalini Singh both have novels due out that day!))

There is also a Movie I want to see…The Judge..with Downey.

I did finally see the movie “Lone Survivor” I wish they had not altered the ending of the book adding in “hollywood”. The Original True story did not need that.