Oh joy. Back in the early 70’s (I would say sometime around 1970/71 I as a very young girl discovered… It Takes a Thief. For those who do not know of this thing, lets say if Total Camp is your thing Batman did it better, but if you want spy and thief camp then this is your stuff. Remember Cary Grant and Grace Kelly? It is best to put them out of your mind. Instead just enjoy “Spy Vs Spy” nonsense almost as realistic as Mad Magazine or Boris and Natasha vs Moose and Squirrel. However you have the over acting, goodies of “Robert Wagner” as Al Mundy, thief extraordinaire and coerced SIA agent.

Hulu, has all 3 seasons and the Pilot Movie “Magnificent Thief” available. It is like mad men without the social awareness. Sexism, Racism, horrid trope galore. I am loving it. I thought when I watched all the original Johnny Quest episodes that they were over the top propaganda…No really they were not. This is so much better with just that touch of arrogant misogyny on par with a harlequin romance. It really is yummy. As I am unable to sit at my desk for long periods of time I am indulging in watching all the episodes that I only have vague memories of an laughing at how my understanding as a child altered what I was seeing. It really is fun. I know friends who have rewatched Night Stalker, or Dark Shadows…but there is just something so wonderful about this. Did they intend for it to be serious? Or were they trying for Campy humor? I don’t know. But I am leaning towards the latter.