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Setting aside my editing to prepare for Nanowrimo 2014. This year I plan on doing either 1. a collection of short stories set in the time before Entering the system, Same world but the stories of how it all came to be. (the Mythology) 2. Navigating the System: Book 2 in the System novels. As of Thursday I knew sort of the area the short stories should go..but…Book two? Duuuuhhhh

So I sat down and started prepping and for some reason the latest ITUNE update DELETED all my playlists…

So I had to start from scratch with my music..which is a good thing I realize. I need to put the music that belongs with THIS book with THIS Book.

So I am spending time crocheting Gifts for Yule, organizing music, and prepping my Nanowrimo pages…

First a new book cover…I took some pics played with them..and got a decent Image to use

Next they wanted a synopsis:
Okay I thought, lets give this a try:
Navigating the System: Picking up a few anas after Entering the System ended, NTS explores the world of the Raehum’s on Raek-qo. As Hanna Dane navigates her way through her new position within Internal Security, the data specialist also finds that she is called to navigate the more complex puzzle of Raehum mating. Complexity is only added when the one male to hold her attention is a member of the Planetary Guard.

The Madness of President Stewart and other short stories from Raek-qo. : These are some short stories focusing on the history of Human habitation of Raek-qo. “The Madness of President Stewart” covers the introduction of skimming by late night visitors. “We would love to help” covers the undeclared Bio-war between Humans and Raekans. The final story covering the Corporate Wars is “A Business Proposal”.

After 30 min I had those written…and I thought hey maybe I do have an idea for the next book. So I took a break, and went searching for a novel I had read as a teen. Gothic Romance (Think Victoria Holt, Dorothy Eden, Madeline Brent). And after finding it I stepped back in time…and read. As I read I examined why I had enjoyed these novels, what about them did I still like?

Today I grabbed a fresh Scrivner project and began my outlining. I am using a technique described as “telling the story like a 5 year old” Very loose organization lots of room for expansion, room for pantsing, but still a decent plan of where the Larger story is going. I have the first 1/3 of the novel for the 2nd book outlined in this fashion (30 k/10 chapters roughly when its finished). It is only 400 words but it gives me a good feel of that first section of the novel. Now I am updating you guys, and then I will start doing chapter playlists of the music I feel will suit the individual chapters.

Tomorrow…Outline Act 2 and do its music, Wend Outline Act 3 and do its music. Talk to you then…