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Yep 2 large chunks of Book 2 are mapped out. Sort of. By sort of I mean that I have this list of 10 things that I want to happen in each section. What do I not have? I have a crime, but I have no method, or villain. Yep, you heard me right. I have not thought of who my villain is. Why? Because well, the villain is not really the antagonist in this book. Society is.

See I am writing this book to show a different part of the society on Raek-qo than the first book. The main character is ‘returning home’ to do some work. And like a good child she is camping out at the ‘rents while in town. This allows for further development of an entire subspecies of humans. And by Subspecies I mean she is human, but not. She is an evolutionary step assisted by science as is all her family and most of her friends. Man tinkered to speed up the evolutionary process so they could live on this planet “easier”. So…how do they live? What is their home life like? What are the cultural norms? That is where my world building is taking me this novel.

Plot. Well, that is more “Gothic Romance”. In that, it is a romance with suspenseful elements. I am using romance to further develop character. Is there going to be an HEA? (That is “Happily Ever After” for you non-romance readers out there). Well, errr..that would be in part 3? The part I have not gotten to yet. See I don’t know if I will give this couple an HEA, I will have to see how the chemistry works. And that is something that comes only during the pantser part of my writing.

Well that does not sound like an outline at all…and its not. Not really. Not yet. I have broad strokes done. And I have music. Now I am going to sit down and start at point one and add in some areas to discuss. more questions for myself than decisions. These questions determine how the rest of the chapter will flow. The descriptors. For Example:

1.Kid lives at his aunts and uncles house.
questions: what is their relationship? do the aunt/uncle have kids? what relationship does protagonist kid have with their kid? What is the household like, socio-economic status?

The answers to those questions begin to shape the narrative. It could be Harry Potter or Anne of Green Gables, depending on those answers. And those questions are answered subtly (I hope) in the descriptions of the chapters.

So I have a lot of work to be done before the first, but I believe it will be done. (Btw this has also shown me some areas I need to edit in the first book which is good since I will be returning to that in December.