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Two days of writing, two chapters written, total word count 4,944. Oh yeah I am RIGHT!

Tonight I tackle chapter 3. The new writing style (doing a fast unedited first draft, setting it aside and then doing an edit later that same day) is working for me. I am gaining an average of 1k words each time. And I feel the story is gaining more initial form. This IS NOT the method recommended by NANOWRIMO, but it is one that I figured out works best with my own writing style. I need some initial editing because my first pass is very sketchy.

The Writing Playlist for tonight is being formed as I listen to the one I had initially made. I am doing a scene in a Snooze. Snoozes are local cafes, think dark clubs that are very casual. Some have music and dancing but the key to a Snooze is inviting. This is not a dive bar, but it does not discriminate. Think a dance club where everyone is welcome, no judging, snide remarks left at the door.

At least if you are Raehum. Raekeans…well maybe not so much.

So I need fast music that makes me think dance club. But does not distract.

So Some Lady Gaga (bad romance and Born this way) Some Robbie Williams (rock DJ) Some Latino Pop (Arruinarmelo and Brasil) Toss in some Abba (Dancing Queen) and stir with some Maroon 5 (One more night) and I think I got a mix that will keep me typing this chapter with a smile.

So what about everyone else? Who else is doing NANOWRIMO? What Music would you play to set the Fun club mood?