Nanowrimo is not letting me update my word count but….(signal drum roll) At 12 MIDNIGHT I hit 8, 186 words into the latest book. It has been a stressful day, but I want to hit 10K Today…11/4/2014. Why such a low goal.

(1.) because I need to look at where the story is going, and do a little plotting for the next 3 chapters.

(2.) I don’t plan these chapters to be long. Chapter 3 is not finished. It looks to be a monster. 3,200 words and still more to come.

(3.)Chapter 4. Does not look to be that hefty. Which means I have a lighter day, and the reader will as well. A major character came into the story with the last chapter. The possible love interest. And there were sparks flying. So the slower, lighter chapter is all about pacing.

But in celebration here is an unedited snippet.

A slow turn carried her deeper onto the ring of dancers. When she felt a warmth at her back, she smiled, glancing over her shoulder assuming her earlier partner had returned. Only to find her eyes drawn upwards. Brawnier than the average Raehum, the man dancing with his back to back with her could have been mistaken for a Marsean. Thrown out of the dance for a moment, Hana looked for his partner. Then as she, and he, turned to the music. She realized, she had gained a new partner. Though this time, two thoughts popped in her brain. One that he definitely was nice. And two, he was no Marsean. None of the cold planet’s glitter hid in those eyes. Instead, they burned with a warmth, that seemed to brush her skin. Then his lips curved at the edges. And she found herself smiling in return. If she was colorful, his black trousers and jersey top would have done an Earthling credit. Though she had never seen one of them fill a top out with quite as well. As she danced, he moved with her. They lacked the finesse of her earlier partner, but this felt more real, more primal. Never touching, his dark shape a shadow of her own as they moved. She turned, he became her reflection. When her steps pranced, his stalked. When the tempo of the song slowed, their bodies drew closer till not a breath separated them. Pulsing zimbas slid them against each other. Moving in unison, they fell into a rhythm as natural as breathing. His gently pushing, hers retreating. His beckoning, hers following. A slow change happening with the progression of the song. By the end, she fled, only to be hunted by his heat. Soon she was easing away only to be hunted by his heat. In those moments, they were alone in the snooze. And then the song ended. For a moment the simply stood there, looking into each others eyes. Their breaths mingling between them.