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Still have not relaxed with The Little Prince, I think I am a little scared to read a book that I vaguely remember as beautiful from childhood. That is all I remember, beauty. I do want to hear it. I have been writing today. 13,097 words in now. Chapter 3 rough draft finished. (Yeah, I know LONG ass chapters, or rather one long one that may end up being three.) Still I like this novel. It is flowing. I have a fresh chapter to write for tomorrow. One that I have not even looked at the outline about. But I feel that I can hit 1666 by tomorrow night. (Hey its only a little over 3k)

How is my new, edit as I go method working? Well, wonderful actually. I read a blog post by Mary Robinette Kowal that I may print and past to my desk (I write with a desktop, that I have in a press board hutch, with doors…Doors are wonderful sticky note holders.) The Post covered things like “Writing what you know” and “Show not Tell”, It was a wonderful post for reminding me what I knew but forgot in my rush to write the story. I began dreaming my story, began describing that dream, filling it with detail. and I went from almost 10k last night to 13 k tonight. And the story flows.