Over 18k now. There has been a huge subplot development. I realized as it fleshed out that instead of being a problem it solved some “predictability” issues I had with my initial plot. This opens up the story, gives me some new directions to go in. I can still have some of the elements of surprise that I wanted, but it gave me some drama early on in the story. And is allowing me to build like-able believable characters before I get to the 1/3 point. Instead, I have several flushed out characters…two of which I know will be dead before too long. Still don’t know who my killer is, but then again…it’s a mystery. When I know…so will my readers. That is so wrong. but it seems to be the way this story is telling itself to me. I am enjoying writing it.

Oh, I also got some new music to listen to…reward for hitting 15k. I wonder what I will give myself for 20k. (By the way. Yes, I will be almost 1/2 the way through Nanowrimo, but 20 k is only 1/4th the way through this novel. I have lots more story to write.)