Today’s writing has been both laid back and filled with hard writing. I am not happy with the quality of this output. There is more than word count for me. I want a final product I can work with; so I made a decision to edit this chapter tomorrow. I use Nanowrimo as a tool to gain a written novel, rather than procrastinate. But to become a slave to others’ methods does not help if it does not leave you with a product you can easily use. I had to spent MONTHS editing my first novel, and it still needs serious help in my opinion. So this year I am trying to keep up the word count, and if I see issues take the time I have gained to stop and do a critical read of the problem area. ((this is not a hard edit, this is about structure, rather than pure content. If they structure is off, then it will be harder to fix later on.))

Here is a recap:
Chapter 1—2,601 words (that is around 11 or 12 pages) and though it is not finished product I am not unhappy with it.

Chapter 2—3,860 words (17 pages printed) great advancement of the various story lines, active moving forward

Chapter 3— 6,855 words (31 pages printed, yeah I really should split this into 3 chapters ) Definite movement, several new items begun (three scenes)

Chapter 4— 2,109 words (10 pages) Slower but still forward movement

Now I am at chapter 5: ((NOT FINISHED)) 4,258 words, 20 pages, and it will end up around 30 ..and it is sort of moving…I need to rewrite this…I need to do it. This may be an edit that removes words…but at 20 k 7 days in…I can do this. I think I am going to give myself a break and tomorrow will be a read through edit of this chapter, just so I can see what needs to happen. I will not keep up with my word count during the day. By the end, I may be at 18k, I may be at 20k, or 21k, maybe? but I think I will feel better about moving forward.