When I am not writing during the month I am thinking about writing. I let my brain ramble, and I crochet, and I listen to history. Right now, that means listening to a wonderful 12 plus hour podcast series on WWI. I chose that because of the recent centennial anniversary. 100 years ago the entire ‘civilized” world attempted to kill itself. Prior to this, I listened to the history of Genghis Khan (8 hr podcast). Why do I do this? Because when I write I put on music that pounds the words out of me, but when I am daydreaming, letting my mind take its wandering turns, sometimes I like new gardens to play in. And history is filled with complex gardens. Still I want to get 5,500 words written, today hopefully, this weekend definitely. So I must put the Western Front away, and pull my thoughts from my own misunderstandings regarding this war.