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1. write. Well, I did some of this already. Alliteration took a firm grasp on my mind. Example: Sorrow washed all colors away, stamped her world in sepia-toned surreality. (Not a bad sentence, but if this ever becomes an audio book my narrator may beat me up).

2. Flu shot. Yes, I got the dog her rabies; now, its time for me to get my flu shot. Did you ever think as a child when they were poking you with the smallpox vaccine or the rubella vaccine that you would voluntarily get one each year? Another thing about getting old they forgot to warn us about.

3. Hair cut. It’s been since Sept., and I turned in my last locks for love. My hair texture is changing with the gray (or is it grey). So I have decided to keep the almost Jamie Leigh Curtis cut. Which means getting it shorn often, and it is shaggy now.

4. Return home and write…

And there you have my exciting plans for the day. I would write down “Plank/walk”, but I am about to do that now. So why even list it….Have a wonderful day of your own!