Reached 40K, but I need to do an initial edit because they are so rough that I can see myself having to rewrite them all. Achieved all my goals yesterday. Haircut, (though I don’t like how one side lays), got business taken care of, and flu shot. Discovered some new music to write to.

Today’s plans: Edit the last 5k of writing aiming to remain where I am, ready to write 2.5k each day till the 23rd. Then I will have the 50 k mark made..and can mark Nanowrimo achieved, word count wise. And a good start to Navigating the System. I figure I will make finishing the writing in Dec is a worthy goal…then I can go through and look for places to “Show vs Telling”. (I really tend to do that in my rough drafts, so by expanding into showing brings out the heart of the novel.

Plan for Dec: Finish Navigating the System first draft.

Reread, and edit Entering the system to blend with Navigating.
I have discovered levels of Hana in this novel some of which I want to really hint at in ETS.

I wrote some really nice prose today.

She felt unable to sacrifice any more tears to grief or sanity.
(yeah I quoted this yesterday…but…I really love that sentence.)

Sorrow washed all colors away, stamping her world in sepia-toned surreality.

*edited because it jarred a reader, and my editor friend said…Yeah Stamping.*

I may have pages of crap that need editing but those two sentences made me happy. And even those got tweaked…Which only proves that we constantly improve our craft.