First, I have been gone from the blog this month because my companion of 8 years, my little sister, had injured herself. She died this past weekend. A louder bark, a faster finder of squeeker toys, and brighter spirit never lived. My tears are not finished and won’t be for a while, but that does not mean I should not continue my work.

Second, I am examining two warring paradigms in our society.

There is a warrior paradigm: Win at any cost. This paradigm has been put into our society not only through war, but through a mentality that transfers this to business. It is an end sum game. You win, or you LOSE. And Losers don’t deserve anything. They are Failures. Losers are less than winners. (Insert evil laughter)

There is also a Karma paradigm: Place good in the world and good will return to you. Now understanding this is harder. It does not have automatic results. You do good, help another, and your life still sucks. Where is the payoff? Easier to get behind the Warrior paradigm. You see winners win. You see them reap the rewards. (Insert gloating noises)

But the problem of both of these paradigms is that they are neither short ended. Warrior Paradigm :see automatic results. What people forget are the long lasting results. We can trace World War II causes back to World War I. And actually further back still to the Imperial exploits of 17th and 18th and 19th century Europe. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Causation arises from the past. New inventions come because someone observed a problem with a prior invention. Model trains led to modern computers. So you wage war. You kill millions. You win. You are victor and you get to gloat and call the shots cause you are big gun on campus. But let time pass. And now, the children of those you killed, they don’t like you very much. Same way with corporation/institutional greed. Taking all the money…hoarding it. That also leaves financial victims. And you really can not blame these victims as many of them trusted the very people who profited out of their losses to guide them. They paid money to people to wisely, expertly even, invest their money. And those Experts instead sold them stock they knew was worthless, and carried great risk for little reward. And by causing them to be poor, your own wealth begins to lose value. Sure you can buy things. but the arts, the advancements in science and engineering occur only when there are individuals who can afford to go to college. Creative intelligence is fostered by nurture more than nature.

But what of Karma? You end up giving to others with it. You may never see any rewards. But that is its beauty. It is a reward system for the long planner. It does not surprise me that it plays into belief systems with ideas of reincarnation because you do good things because they make the world as a whole better. That active Doing, that purpose is Dharma. You help those who are bullied, so they won’t become bullies. Bullies increase crime. You do it so when you return…the world is better. Your actions reflect your purpose–To live a good life –your Dharma. Karma is the belief in causation of good in our lives arising from our actions. Karma says good gets good, bad gets bad. If you steal from millions, you may end up wealthy, but your world will be nasty at the core. And when you return it will be to that nasty world…But if you help millions, then your world will be better. And when you return it will be to a society of strength. It is a paradigm of incorporation, not exclusion.