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The past year has been a busy one. I wrote most of book two of the system series. Edited Book one for the first time. ((I have decided to do a major edit in the new year. A total revamp of the pacing, and how the story is told is needed I feel to draw the reader in earlier to the story.)) I had a major health scare, followed by a major surgery. And I bid farewell to my sweetie. Tonight as the clock ticks closer to that liminal time, the new year, I am cleaning house.

Why am I cleaning house? Because it was one of the traditions I was raised with. You clean house on the 31st so you welcome the new year in with a clean slate. Like making resolutions, and eating black-eyed peas with ham and cornbread it is a tradition I have decided to hold onto. I may even go to the store tomorrow and get one serving of nasty greens. (I really don’t like cooked greens that much.) I shall drink a toast at midnight to bid farewell to the past, and welcome the future with its possibilities into my life. This post is a form of house cleaning. I shall start a new page for the new year. I shall also begin a daily exercise and writing program the new year. 1 k words a day writing and 2 miles walking are both reasonable goals. I have some other hobbies I have set goals in, but those two things should keep me healthier mentally and physically. The time alone shall also give me time to think, to reflect, which will give me greater spiritual health. I also plan on beginning a search for my next companion in the new year. Not too soon. But eventually I will find someone whose 4 feet shall fill my home with patters (or clicks).

So goodbye 2014, hello 2015… And may your days be bright in the New Year.