So far, this year had been fun. A friend from the past looked me up and came over to chill out, talk nursing, talk old times, talk hard times, and just reminisce. Writing slid into the back burner, but you know, I do not mind since it was good to see her. How are the books going? Well, I am trying to write something new each day. Be it editing the first book, adding to the second, or advancing the short story prequels, I am trying to do some each day, but it is hard right now. My words feel blah, and all I see with the first book is a massive need for total rewrite. The story is good. I like the plot and the story itself. (YEAH) What do I think it needs? More showing vs telling, some serious looks at pacing and really fleshing it out would bring it to life. The second book needs the middle and ending written. And I need to get on the ball and just do it.