This is a long ranting post.  A friend on facebook could not understand why people were having a problem with the Army of Northern Virginia’s Battle flag (you know the one, the one South Carolina flew over their capital until recently, the one they have flying at full mass as of last night.) After all it is only about southern pride, Lenard Skinnard and all that. So I am going to do a little correcting in the best southern way I know how. First off, I am from the southern part of the US of A. So I am not a yankee. I was raised on cornbread, and black eyed peas, and hawg jaw, (no grits though, Momma thought grits were nasty). I was raised with people being called Colored and less attractive words. I was raised with “n” rigging and “jewing” someone down. I was raised Southern. I was not raised to be an idiot though. I was raised to learn, and to change and to adapt. Not to be limited to my raisin’s like some backwoods idiot proud of their stupidity.  I have a degree in philosophy. I have studied history, nursing, political science, religion and english.  I think about things rather than just agreeing because agreeing would be easier. I look beyond the easy to the truth.  So here is some thoughts on that Flag.

1. It is about Slavery. The War was about Slavery. The states that seceded said it was about slavery!

Here are a few reasons:
Georgia was having issues with the US over the subject of slavery:

The people of Georgia having dissolved their political connection with the Government of the United States of America, present to their confederates and the world the causes which have led to the separation. For the last ten years we have had numerous and serious causes of complaint against our non-slave-holding confederate States with reference to the subject of African slavery.

Mississippi: it was because they were “identified with being slave owners”
Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery– the greatest material interest of the world. Its labor supplies the product which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions of commerce of the earth.

South Carolina : It was the right of a slave owner to keep their slaves…..

he greater number of the contracting parties held slaves, and they had previously evinced their estimate of the value of such a stipulation by making it a condition in the Ordinance for the government of the territory ceded by Virginia, which now composes the States north of the Ohio River.

Texas Came late to the party but it was about Slavery

“She was received as a commonwealth holding, maintaining and protecting the institution known as negro slavery– the servitude of the African to the white race within her limits– a relation that had existed from the first settlement of her wilderness by the white race, and which her people intended should exist in all future time.”

and Virginia dressed it up in pretty language.

The people of Virginia, in their ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America, adopted by them in Convention on the twenty-fifth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, having declared that the powers granted under the said Constitution were derived from the people of the United States, and might be resumed whensoever the same should be perverted to their injury and oppression; and the Federal Government, having perverted said powers, not only to the injury of the people of Virginia, but to the oppression of the Southern Slaveholding States.

Here is the source material:  http://www.civilwar.org/education/history/primarysources/declarationofcauses.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/

So that flag was from a war fought about the right of some people to OWN others.  Kinda stupid.

I read some more and found a wonderful quote in an article from the Washington Post

belief in white supremacy provided a rationale for slavery. As the French political theorist Montesquieu observed wryly in 1748: “It is impossible for us to suppose these creatures [enslaved Africans] to be men; because allowing them to be men, a suspicion would follow that we ourselves are not Christians.  


Now lets think about that. If Slavery is wrong then I am wrong for doing it. If being a bigot is wrong then I am wrong doing it. If murder is wrong then I am wrong doing it. Seems that the logic is a simple thing. If A is Wrong, then A person doing A is Wrong for doing it.

So to keep from feeling bad, white folk came up with excuses. Why the whites were better than the blacks. Why black people should be happy to be kept down. Why they should not do x or y or z. Cause otherwise White folk would be wrong.
And they wrapped it up in that flag. And songs were written about the southland. And Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote songs that praised Racists governors.  I Quote.

“In Birmingham they love the governor, boo boo boo
Now we all did what we could do”
That would be Gov. George Wallace, noted Racist.

And it was in response to Neil Young criticizing the racist practices.

Neil was right. We can either change and get right, or keep up the mistakes of the past. Are we going to be Stupid (unable to learn) or Ignorant (able to learn from mistakes)? Choose.